Turn Guest Wifi into an Automated Marketing Tool


Connect With Your Guests

Our Wifi platform helps you set up a free
WiFi hotspot for your customers-complete
with a custom branded login portal with your
look and feel.


Understand Your Customer

As your guests join your WiFi, you
automatically build a customer list
complete with visit history, social media,
demographics and contact info.


Lets Grow Your Business

Create smart marketing campaigns to help
find you the best new customers and keep
your loyal guests coming back. Then let our
email marketing platform do the rest.

Businesses That Benefit From Wifi Marketing

Ideal for restaurants, bars, cafes and more. Automatically collect customer contact info whenever they join your custom WiFi network. Make the experience personal with real-time engagement from automated Smart Messages.


Delight you guests with free Wifi and a premium in-store experience. Include Special offers, custom images and social media on your login portal to drive engagement while the customer is in your store.


Set our custom router up in minutes. No ongoing work or upkeep required. Integrates with your current systems for full optimization. Then put marketing lists on auto-pilot for opt-in engagement.


Get Started Fast

We ship anywhere in the USA free of charge. Plug our router into your existing router, upload your logo and Social Media Information. No programming or IT experience necessary.

Automated Data Collection

Customers using your free wifi are asked to engage with your social media channels or enter their email address to access your free wifi. Data is clean, accurate, and automated. No data entry necessary.

Analyze and Grow

Use the data to create engaging messages for your customers. Reward return visits, thank your customers, alert customers of specials, increase your social media presence and more.