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Lead Generation Services For Local Businesses

Turn Your Underperforming Website into a Lead-Generating Machine

Are you a local business owner? Is your website failing to capture potential customers’ attention? Are your services or skills going unnoticed by prospects?

Does your website appear on the first page of Google Local Search?

Is your website generating qualified leads?

Hello, I’m Gary Downey—an Internet Marketing Professional with extensive experience in optimizing small business websites for maximum lead generation.

I partner with local businesses to drive a consistent flow of qualified leads to your website. Utilizing 15 years of expertise in online marketing, I apply best practices to ensure your business stands out.

Free Website Audit

Receive a comprehensive website audit report with no obligations.

Marketing Questionnaire

Identify the challenges and discover solutions for your online marketing efforts.

Gary is a true professional in his field. He hit it out of the park with his lead generation service. And he did it in record time. I can't recommend Gary enough.

James Bush Insurance Agency

The marketing plan put forward by Gary exceeded our expectations, it was money well spent. I highly recommend to all local businesses looking to increase monthly sales.

Ricky Passarelli Bobby Van's Steakhouse

Gary takes the time to really understand his clients' businesses, providing personalized service and exceptional lead generation expertise. His commitment is unparalleled.

Dana DeAngelo Attorney
    what I do

    I provide lead generation services for local businesses

    • Want to increase the number of leads for your business?
    • Do you find it difficult to rank your business on local search engines?
    • Is your website optimized for local searches and mobile users?
    • Are you struggling to track and measure the success of your local marketing efforts?
    • Are you uncertain about where to allocate your marketing budget for the best results?

    As a marketing and business consultant, I specialize in lead generation services. If you’re launching a new venture or aiming to enhance sales for your current business, I can provide the support you need. To learn more about how I can help your business grow, contact me or check out my “ABOUT ME” page.

    Four Decades Of Business Experience

    Note: I only work with a select number of business owners.

    I do not accept every business. I have a maximum number of businesses that I can work with monthly. I do have a strict vetting process. To see if we are the right fit schedule a call with me.

    Full Monthly Reports

    Together we will measure your progress with full monthly reporting. Full transparency.

    While online marketing offers a global reach, local businesses need to focus on targeting their specific local audience. Identifying and reaching these potential customers amidst the vast online landscape can be difficult.

    Allow me to assist you.

    Lead Gen

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I offer a variety of services to fit most budgets. My monthly recurring programs start at $595 per month.

    The answer is yes and no. Some of my monthly programs require a six month commitment but I also offer month to month contracts where you can cancel at anytime.

    I guarantee the implementation of cutting-edge techniques in all my marketing techniques. All tried and tested. Online success stems from adhering to best practices, which I prioritize. My tried-and-tested methods will produce a consistent flow of leads.

    You will receive monthly reports from third party apps.