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All-In-One Marketing Software for Local Businesses

The Local Immersion Marketing Platform is the most comprehensive and robust set of marketing tools ever designed for local businesses. After 3 years of building prototypes and thousands of hours of testing we believe we have built the tool that will empower small business owners to finally take control of their online Marketing. But don't take our word for it, we are so confident that you'll love our platform that we're willing to give you a 2 week, no credit-card required trial.

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Why Local Immersion?

Our marketing software was built for the local business. Our software is not simply a platform to automate processes and gather data, our software uses technology to enhance good old human interaction. Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart. We have the tools to help you produce great marketing.

* A marketing platform designed for local businesses.
* Gather new customers and market to existing customers
* One hour a week is all it takes for success.
* Subscribe only to the marketing modules you need.
* No contracts. Cancel any time.
* Detailed monthly SEO ranking report.
* Know what customers are saying about your business.
* Connect Google Analytics.
* Connect to Facebook.
* Create Mobile Digital Coupons.
Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services

We will design a dedicated Internet Marketing strategy to help diversify and expand your online marketing channels. To implement our Internet Marketing Services we must first understand your core business and market, including your key customer segments and industry competitors. We'll use this information to discover new opportunities for revenue growth.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The goal in SEO is to increase website visitors through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search Advertising (PPC) for lead generation, Display Advertising and for remarketing. Understanding how to effectively allocate and optimize these search channels can drastically lower customer acquisition costs and improve your marketing ROI.
Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media is one of the most misunderstood, misused marketing channels. The million dollar question for most businesses is how to best leverage social networks to reach more customers and increase sales along with a well defined ROI. Through Influencer Marketing and Facebook Ads, we have helped brands grow their followers, drive traffic to their websites, and ultimately turn a social audience into paying customers.
Digital Analytics & Conversion (CRO)

Digital Analytics & Conversion (CRO)

Growing your acquisition channels is extremely important, but without the proper analytics and conversion strategies and measuring tools, your marketing dollars may go out the window. What really matters is how much of your traffic is converting into actual sales. By analyzing data and performing multichannel testing, we can then optimize conversion rates to generate maximum ROI.
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Properly implemented email marketing is a powerful tool. But you need to understand customer behavior. We can setup simple or complex automated email marketing campaigns that will deliver specific email automations based on where the customer is in your sales funnel. Give your business a competitive edge -Schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help your business setup and maximize the power of email marketing.

Reputation Management

Your online reputation is your most valuable asset. Whether you’ve been grappling with negative reviews or simply want to build immunity against unexpected obstacles, seeking the help of a professional online reputation management team is your best, most effective option for regaining and maintaining control over your online image and reputation. Learn more about why reputation management is so valuable, what you can do to improve it, and proactive measures you can take to protect your reputation now and in the future.


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