Track visitors to your website. Which days and promo offers are driving the most traffic to your website

Connect your Google Analytics account to pull in valuable data about your website traffic. You'll get daily updated traffic reports that can assist you in measuring the strength of your on-page optimization and marketing efforts.

What devices are your visitors coming to your website on?

Knowing what devices visitors are accessing your website on can be valuable data. This can assist you in determining where to invest your marketing budget and how to best design and promote ads.

Browsing behavior and time spent on your website

This will provide a quick snapshot of browsers visitors are coming in on along with the average bounce rates and time each visitor spends browsing your site. High bounce rates may result in a redesign of your website.

What social media sites are driving traffic to your website?

Are your social media efforts paying off? Track visitors from all the major social media sites and gain valuable knowledge about what Social channels to invest time and money into.

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